Try Something New at Café Kwae


Our Menu Just Got More Exciting…

We’ve been testing out new specials, have you tried something yet?

Featured Special: Fusilli pasta with chicken and prawns in a herby white wine cream sauce

A new month is beginning, so at Café Kwae we felt it would be only natural to introduce new flavours to our menus.

We’re excited to announce that this month, some amazing new specials will make their debuts on our menu. Every week, you’ll walk into the café to a different, new special on the menu.

Quite a lot of thought, craftiness and skill has  gone into creating and presenting these delicious new additions, so whenever you pay us a visit, we would love for you to try them. And if you’re up to it, why don’t you give us some feedback? Let us know what worked for you, and what didn’t. You are why we do what we do and so your input matters all the more.

Nana Ama Ansah