The Last (Plastic) Straw


A New Way in Our Café

#KwaeGoesGreen Starts here.

Café Kwae is introducing glass straws in store. This nifty introduction comes from the café’s bid to be more environmentally responsible and leave the Earth in a much better shape than we came to meet it.

Plastic vs. Glass?

It’s all the fun of a plastic straw, with a lot less punch to the earth. These straws are eco-friendly and reusable, meaning a longer lifespan and many uses — unlike plastic straws which, after one use end up in drains, bushes and in some extreme cases in water bodies. In the seas and oceans, they pose serious health risks to marine life who unwittingly mistake these plastic pieces for food.

Animals aren’t the only the ones at risk here. Single-use plastic straws can be just as harmful to humans. They contain BPA, a chemical compound used in the making of making of plastic straws, which has been proven to be linked to many chronic health conditions like cancer and even cosmetic concerns like the early development of wrinkles.

Come By And Try Out A Glass Straw

Being health conscious and environmentally responsible doesn’t have to mean adopting a whole new experience. It can be as easy as opting for a glass straw, or buying one for GH¢35 the next time you visit Your Friendly Neighborhood Café.

Nana Ama Ansah