A Fun & Creative Experience


Bring a Friend, Make a Masterpeice 

A new and exciting experience at Café Kwae

Café Kwae is kicking off a new era in the life of your favorite neighborhood café. We’ll be bringing you fun and exciting events in the coming months, are you ready to try something new?

To start things off, we are introducing a brand new evening experience. Starting this Saturday, we'll be hosting Wine & Art nights. Come create your own versions of iconic art pieces with a robust red in one hand and an easel in the other.

The weekly sessions will be led by a professional artist who will take you through the process, so come with your varying levels of artistic competency; you wouldn't have to be a pro to have fun here. It'll be a night for you and your friends to have fun, unwind, and probably uncork some, previously-hidden talents.

You'll leave with a fun experience to tell, and your very own masterpiece to brag about.

Maybe you think you're not as talented as you are, but there’s something to be said for a night of being together with people, creating bonds and sharing interests while having a good time over drink and painting.

And if that's not convincing enough, when has anything done under the influence of wine turned out horribly?


From the artist's last event

Nana Ama Ansah